LG Chem


With the continued rise in the electrification of vehicles, the demand for LG Chem’s high-quality batteries has been accelerating. LG Chem Michigan supplies advanced lithium ion batteries for vehicles like the Chevy Bolt and Chrysler Pacifica from their Holland location. As a result, they have experienced a dramatic increase in the need for both engineering and technical operator talent. This challenge has been exacerbated by the region’s tight labor market, so to differentiate themselves as an employer, LG Chem needed to establish an employment brand to attract and retain the right kind of talent.

LG Chem Building with Flags


We started by deploying a survey tool to the company’s best and brightest employees to identify the key attributes of LG Chem that attracted them to, and kept them at, the company. From the results of that survey, we were able to develop an employment brand and key messaging geared toward attracting employees similar to the ones who thrive in their type of work environment. Our goal was to create an authentic employment brand, not an aspirational one, to give potential future employees a better picture of the work environment they could expect at LG Chem.

Since crafting their employment brand, we’ve partnered with the LG Chem team to develop communications for career fairs, billboard advertising and digital advertising. We’ve used all of these methods to drive potential employees toward LG Chem’s recruitment website, which we used to create a trackable or measurable pipeline of applications into the company.


The success of this partnership has been the creation of an employment brand that is authentic to the people who do best at LG Chem and has helped them build their team. Since engaging with Boileau, LG Chem has grown their staff from 500 to 900 employees and their employee retention rates have increased.

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