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Strategic Videography

Thanks to smartphones, anyone can make a video. But the ability to integrate strategy, on-brand messaging and a clear story is a skill mastered by our video experts.

In perfect sync with the voice and style of your brand, we produce excellent media that works cohesively with your overall strategy toward specific and measurable goals.

  • Brand Videos
  • Testimonials
  • Creative Advertising
  • YouTuber / Video blogging (vlog)
  • Motion Graphic Explainers
  • Industrials / Training Videos
  • Stop Motion Animation

Our video Production process


Before we capture that first frame, we’ll work with you to ensure messaging, style and voice are in alignment with your brand and target outcomes. While not all of the elements below are necessary for every job, our capabilities include:

  • Creative & message development
  • Scriptwriting
  • Location scouting
  • Props & set design
  • Talent auditioning & acquisition


The “fun” part. Here’s where we get to work together on-set to light, mic up, direct and capture the critical components of your story. Capabilities we might employ in that process:

  • Live action / cinema-style production (8K, 4K, HD)
  • Art direction
  • Hair & Makeup
  • Green screen capture
  • Aerial 4K


“Post” is where the story truly takes shape through assembly, rigorous editing and polish. We invite our clients to provide input at multiple stages in post including rough content edits, graphics integration and the final cut.

  • Editorial
  • Motion and 3D graphics animation
  • Color matching and correction
  • Sound design, foley and audio mixing


As a strategic communications firm, we are able to counsel and execute on holistic distribution tactics beyond the capabilities of other video producers.

    • Release strategy
    • Ad buy planning and execution
    • Versioning, archive and inventory management
    • Captions and subtitles
    • Optimization and tagging for Youtube
    • Background video, GIF and motion SVG programming

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