When Randy Boileau founded Boileau Communications Management, LLC in 2005, he held a broad vision for the practice that included not only traditional public relations, but also strategic, internal and marketing communications.

Now in our 17th year of business, our services have continued to diversify to include:

  • Brand strategy
  • Integrated, full service marketing
  • Recruitment and people strategy
  • Sustainability, ESG comms and training

In addition to these services, we have also broadened our ownership as Leanne Schaeffer and Erich Boileau have earned partnership in the business. Given these changes and some pragmatic limitations of a very long name, we have decided to simplify our name to more inclusively represent our brand and create a stronger foundation for growth.

As of this month, we will be doing business as Boileau & Co. Concurrent to this name shortening, our URL and emails will be at boileau.co. Plus, meet our new logotype:

Some questions we’re anticipating:

Is your name still impossible to pronounce?

Yes! We estimate at least 15% of people who regularly work with us still don’t know how it’s pronounced but simply don’t want to ask because it’s been too long. Boy-low and Bwah-low are both good, if you’re wondering. But joking aside, we were intentional to keep the name Boileau for the strong reputation we’ve developed in the West Michigan community.

Are you discontinuing any services?

Nope – just adding some new* ones.

*Many of our clients already know us for the consultative and strategic approach we take with communications, which often extends into business counsel and general problem-solving. We are more intentionally marketing around the most common of these (talent attraction, ESG comms, brand), but managed integrated marketing including design, web, video and copywriting will remain bread and butter services for Boileau & Co.

What does ESG stand for?

Short for Environmental, Social and Governance, ESG represents a growing field of practices common among publicly traded companies that are creating strong forces for compliance in small and midmarket companies as well. Boileau & Co. has strong experience in helping customers communicate about these practices while mitigating risk and navigating an ever-changing landscape of societal and regulatory expectations.

Will this change how the Boileau team works with us?

No, we will continue to offer responsive, strategic services to our clients. The name change is a DBA at this time to minimize impact on day-to-day operations.

Still have questions?

We’d love to hear from you.

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