What’s a Klatsch?

There’s a German word we like, Kaffeeklatsch, which describes a meeting between friends over coffee to chat and share news.

In that spirit, the Boileau & Co. Coffee Klatsch is a video series where we get together with friends and colleagues we find interesting to talk about emerging topics in communications, people management, and sustainability.

Three Barriers to Crucial Conversations with Robert Heath Sr.

When having difficult conversations, tensions can run high — especially when disagreements about politics or strategy arise. In this Klatsch, Robert Heath Sr., US Marine Corps veteran, attorney and CEO of The Legacy Leadership Consulting Group, describes the 3 barriers to having crucial conversations.

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Strategic Visioning and Framework Thinking with Har Ye Kan

When making large-scale changes in your organization or community, how can you make sure you’re making the right decisions without threatening your core values? Har Ye Kan of HYK Consulting joins Vince in this Coffee Klatsch to explain the advantages of strategic visioning and framework thinking when taking your organization to new horizons.

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