A career with Boileau [‘boy-low’] means challenging, meaningful work every day.

This is a place where:
  • Each day presents a unique variety of clients and stories where you can make a direct impact.
  • The culture is safe, caring and intentional.
  • You can trust we will hear, value and act upon your contributions.
  • It’s OK to geek out with your team and collaborate creatively to solve problems.

Who’s Right for Boileau?

People who excel here tend to be strategic thinkers, comfortable with ambiguity, highly empathetic, and comfortable with a fast pace. Sometimes really fast. Team members who come from other companies are often amazed just how much you can get done without the weight of bureaucracy.

Best job guarantee

Our commitment to each employee is that we want to do all we can to make it the best job you’ve ever had (and, quite possibly, will ever have!). The difference is tangible to those around us too.

Things our employees have heard from their friends and family:

“You work in a sitcom.”

“I wish I worked there.”

“What’s the catch? Sounds too good.”

“How do you do so many different things?”

“How do you pronounce it?… Boy-lee-o?”

Additional Benefits

  •  Healthcare insurance
  • Retirement plan with 3% Contribution Matching
  • Gym membership match
  • Quarterly reviews, coaching and 1:1 development
  • Quarterly company strategy and transparent financials review
  • Quarterly team volunteer opportunities in the community
  • Flexible time for critical family and nonprofit commitments
  • Employee Assistance Program (EAP)
  • Office space in downtown Holland with access to great restaurants, bars, shops and year round cultural and family events
  • Frequent celebrations of our team, big wins, or happy hours for no reason at all
  • In-person work for people who value team, fun and collaboration

Core Values


Above & Beyond

Meeting expectations isn’t enough for me. I go beyond.


Inherent Creativity

I can’t help but to create, rethink and bring new ideas.


Can-Do Attitude

Whatever it is you’re about to say… I’m up for it.


Insatiable Curiosity

I’m always hungry for knowledge and improvement.



I could work anywhere. I choose to work here, because we get to have fun.



Chips are down. I’m all in.

Want to Throw Your Hat in the Ring?

While we are not currently hiring, our greatest area of growth is for people who are strong in writing, service and strategy. If that sounds like you, let’s get connected.

Even if we aren’t actively hiring for the right position for you, we’re always looking to expand our network, so please send us a note.

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