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We love HR professionals. And, we recognize the unique economic challenges and societal pressures that are making this one of the hardest times to attract and keep the best teammembers.

Whether it’s chasing aggressive comp changes, learning how to lead hybrid teams or integrating a more inclusive culture – all under the seemingly impossible expectations we might see daily on social media – there’s just a lot to balance.

But, you have a vision for a thriving, stable and growing team! In our 17 years of working with HR C-suite leaders, recruiters and management consultants, we’ve found that the companies who do it the best focus on the big 3: Authentic Recruitment, Onboarding with Purpose, and Growth-Based Engagement.

We can help you find the opportunities for growth in these areas and supercharge your team to implement plans that work.

People Strategy Services

Boileau helps organizations navigate the process of positioning your company to attract the right people and grow them into their full potential.

  • Boileau Big 3 Audit
  • Employment Branding
  • Talent Acquisition
  • Onboarding Development
  • Team Development
  • Personal Coaching
  • Professional Development Plans

Featured Case Study: LG ENERGY SOLUTION

With the continued rise in the electrification of vehicles, the demand for LG Chem’s high-quality batteries has been accelerating. LG Chem Michigan supplies advanced lithium ion batteries for vehicles like the Chevy Bolt and Chrysler Pacifica from their Holland location. As a result, they have experienced a dramatic increase in the need for both engineering and technical operator talent.


Understanding the “Attention Economy”

Understanding the “Attention Economy”

Desperate for your attention, marketing and ad pros have little choice but to perpetuate social decay. Where do we go now? Inherent to the emerging “attention economy” is the underlying assumption that human attention is a scarce resource. It's so scarce that we have...

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