Some things never change, but some things do.

So much has changed in the business landscape in just a few short weeks. It’s likely that things won’t bounce back for quite some time from Covid 19. And even when they do, there will be many lasting changes in the way we do business. 

Here are just a few of my predictions.

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Greater Team Connection

Did you know that Joe from HR has a chihuahua, that Kevin from marketing’s son just learned to walk, or that Carol from IT’s home office is decked in Lions paraphernalia. Well, now you do. 

This interesting time has given us all a window into the lives of our coworkers outside of the office. We may usually spend most of our waking hours with our team members, but now we get a look into who they are outside of our office walls. Working together through turbulent times can build stronger connections between coworkers. These connections will last far beyond the shut down. 

Dusting Off Left Behind Projects

Whether on production floors, in a coffee shop or just in your office, the shut down has most certainly affected your business in some manner. Some of us are left with a little more time and are finally able to dust off the forgotten project on the shelf and make some progress. Wise businesses will utilize this extra time to refocus energy on projects that will improve processes, complete innovation, increase efficiency and productivity, and prepare them for a world that looks much differently.  

Long-term increase in remote workers

Not everyone will experience the same transition to remote work, but many office professionals will be surprised by just how easy it is to work offsite.  After being forced to accommodate for at least three weeks, many workers will develop the dedication and habits they need to be a successful remote worker. Although some of us may be chomping at the bit to get back to our desks at first, when the first snow falls we may recall how nice it was to work at home. Other employees may resist returning to the standard office space altogether, both because of the ongoing fear of Coronavirus and because they just like working from home better. 

Utilizing Technology

Even the most reluctant technology naysayer has had to embrace technology the last few weeks. You’ve seen workers of all ages, technology levels, and beliefs on virtual work come together to connect through video chats, cloud applications and chat tools. 

There are countless benefits to integrated digital communications in business, and surely some of these tools will be more ingrained in a digitally reluctant workforce. Who knows? Maybe Tim from purchasing will finally attend that webinar. 

This increased reliance on digital communications won’t end with the shut down. Trade shows are canceled for months, trainings are postponed, and your company still needs to make sales. Teams will need to utilize this new quiver of tools to connect with customers and meet sales goals. 

Measurable Marketing ROI

As companies reevaluate their budgets for the year, there will be an even greater expectation of measurable ROI for marketing expenses. Companies will be looking for trackable, targeted methods to reach their audience.

More than ever, companies will rely on marketing to support their sales process while simultaneously trying to limit marketing expenses. Marketing teams will need to be strategic, forward-thinking and efficient. 

Is that all?

There is no predicting exactly what all of the outcomes will be from the Covid 19 epidemic. The business landscape will change drastically, but businesses that are looking out to the future, planning and innovating will be the ones that come out on top.

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