Ingredient Marketing for a B2B Brand that Consumers Love


Since partnering with Boileau in 2016, Volta has grown from a unique tech startup to a thriving advanced energy company poised for continued rapid growth in their B2B markets. As their sales numbers have continued to rise, so have their needs for strategy in entering new markets, high-quality marketing materials and end-user engagement communications.

Their products are complex, technical and revolutionary: a difficult combination for clear communication to general audiences. They produce complete power systems for mobile applications (i.e. utility trucks, RVs, fire trucks and more) that offer energy storage, generation, and distribution for any power need.

While Volta’s customers are OEs, their growth is ultimately driven by evolving needs and expectations from end-users. We needed to educate end-users and OEs on Volta’s core differentiating factors, highlighting the important key messages for each audience.

Volta Adventure Without Limits Poster


When we first began working with Volta, we completed comprehensive work to understand their technology and brand, developing new core messaging that provided an authentic voice and consistent language for their sales teams to use. Wielding this brand, we have developed a strategy, advertising campaigns and OE training and sales enablement tools to support their growth. Without a need for a full in-house marketing team but with a wider range of work than any single employee could accomplish, Boileau serves Volta as an on-demand marketing team. 

As the strength of Volta’s brand has grown among OEs and end-users, we collaborated to launch an ingredient-marketing (e.g. ‘Intel Inside’ or Cummins) or approach to position Volta as the main differentiator for any vehicle equipped with their product. Thus was born the “Powered by Volta” campaign and complementary “Power Without Compromise®” tagline.


  • Marketing & Communications Strategy
  • Advertising Campaign & Management
  • Collateral & Training Design
  • Earned Media Strategy
  • Case Story & Video Storytelling
  • Influencer Strategy & Management
  • Tradeshow Support
  • Media & Social Listening


Volta continues to consistently enter new markets—both nationally and internationally—including utility, RV, specialty vehicles, military and more. They’re experiencing consistent 100% year-over-year revenue growth with projections of similar growth rates going forward, allowing them to increase the size of their team and create new departments.

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