Perrigo is the world’s leading manufacturer of store-brand, over-the-counter healthcare products. They supply many large retailers with individually-branded generic versions of popular medications for pain management, personal hygiene, digestive health and more. They wanted to help their store brand clients tell their OTC products’ stories and how they made a real difference in the lives of their customers.

Evidence showed that consumers engage with real customer testimonials more positively than other forms of advertisement. In essence, they wanted an authentic way to tell real user stories instead of developing a traditional ad. The greatest challenge to overcome was finding and organizing real product users willing to share their experience with over two dozen OTC brands that Perrigo produces.

We needed to find a way to represent user stories for a wide range of store brands clearly, concisely and authentically.

Perrigo Allertec Bottle


With this challenge in mind, we partnered with Perrigo on the Real People Campaign, beginning with a pilot project that focused specifically on one of Perrigo’s generic allergy pill products. We engaged with a local talent agency to identify product users of each store’s generic brand to bring in.

The talent agency helped us line up a wide array of users to interview, and through a series of 25 video shoots we interviewed each user about their real experience with their respective store brand products. Editing each interview down to multiple lengths, we told each person’s narrative concisely while remaining true to their experience.


  • Talent Acquisition Strategy
  • Video Production Strategy
  • 25+ Store-Branded Product Videos


Upon completion of the project, Perrigo could provide specific and authentic testimonial stories to each of their store-brand customers for their allergy products. Many of the stores display their product user story videos on their websites for buyers to see, and each video tells that brand’s story truthfully and genuinely.

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