Cultivating Trust with Parents for iCademy Global

The Challenge


iCademy Global was virtual before it was cool and has been partnering with parents and students in Michigan for over a decade. Although iCademy has grown steadily over the years, being one of the first charter schools to go fully virtual comes with its challenges. Some potential parents and guardians were still unsure about the nuances of charter schools and some were concerned about the realities of online learning for their families. iCademy Global partnered with Boileau & Co. to grow student enrollment and expand the demographic reach of the school.


The Boileau & Co. team started discovery by learning from the parents who had already made the choice to trust iCademy Global with their student’s education. We surveyed parents, guardians and the school staff to learn more about what makes iCademy great.

Parents loved that iCademy Global is 100% accredited. The rigorous education leads to a high school diploma just like a brick and mortar school. They loved the flexibility of virtual schooling, the amazing staff and certified teachers, and the proven virtual model that is supportive of learning coaches.

For families desiring the flexibility of virtual schooling, we knew that we needed to earn their trust and spotlight the great benefits of partnering with iCademy for their child’s education.

Successful students and proud parents were happy to share their experiences with iCademy Global in both written and video testimonials. Students spotlighted how iCademy prepared them for college and career success.

Parents spoke of the great program, ease of onboarding, and the joys of seeing their students succeed. Boileau & Co. used these stories and others through digital advertising, print, and social media to expand their reach and target families likely to consider virtual schooling.



  • Website & SEO support
  • Print mailer campaigns
  • Parent testimonial videos
  • Student feature videos
  • Digital advertising (Google Search, Google Display, Facebook, IG, YouTube)
  • Organic social media support
  • Radio advertising

The Results

Since partnering with Boileau & Co., iCademy Global has continued to increase enrollment both locally and statewide, expanding into Kalamazoo, Traverse City and Metro Detroit. They continue to tell the successful stories of students past and present and spotlight the great educational opportunities virtual schooling can provide.