Defining a Community Brand

The Challenge

On the heels of a successful millage campaign, Holland Aquatic Center (HAC) had the opportunity to expand their service offerings as part of their facility’s renovation and expansion.

To support this, they would need a more modern brand, both visual and in words, that better represented their additional capabilities without losing sight of their roots as an important local source for swimming lessons and aquatic activities.



We began by convening a variety of HAC stakeholders—meeting with their board and staff, as well as surveying the center’s most active users—to get a holistic community perception of HAC and its offerings. We also completed a detailed genre analysis of similar fitness centers to help us fully understand best practices and expectations users might have for an inclusive community wellness center. With these analysis, we wrote a new brand for HAC and a body of key messaging to serve as the foundation for communications going forward.

The process also included revisiting the facility’s name, logo and visual identity. Working with a taskforce of staff and board members, we helped the team simplify the name and design a modern logo that better embodied the inclusive messaging and reflect the architectural renovations underway.

With a simplified name, solid brand messaging and an updated visual identity, we developed a wide variety of printed brand collateral to help them keep their members informed. We also developed an updated website with simplified navigation and updated messaging to complement their brand’s new look.


  • Brand Statement & Narrative Messaging
  • Logo, Brand Standards & Identity Suite
  • Membership Guide
  • Business Membership Guide
  • Signage
  • Public Relations & Launch Support
  • Website

The Results

The Holland Aquatic Center’ updated name, messaging and visual brand helps to align them with their position as Holland’s premiere aquatics and wellness facility. It’s easy for members and visitors to seek and find the information they need about HAC’s offerings, both online and in-person, and Boileau continues to provide HAC with ongoing communications support as the community is enjoying the newly renovated facilities.


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