Holland Civic Center Place


The Holland Civic Center was in the midst of a renovation project that had already been approved and partially funded. Once construction began, city officials saw an opportunity to seek additional funding for amenities that would take the center from good to excellent including an upgraded catering kitchen, site landscape improvements and architectural upgrades.

They were looking for assistance communicating to philanthropists that, while the initial project had already been funded, additional funding for these other projects would help bring the facility to the next level and become something that Holland could be proud of.

Civic Center Rendering


We worked directly with the mayor, the city manager and the campaign cabinet. We also partnered with Hopkins Fundraising, a capital campaign strategist, to solidify the campaign identity consisting of a name, logo and key messaging that we created for the campaign. We developed a suite of campaign materials that the campaign cabinet was able to take into the philanthropy community and raise support.


Equipped with strong materials and a compelling message, the Heart of the Community campaign cabinet was able to raise the necessary funds from major donors and were able to move forward with most of the additional goals they had planned.

When VenuWorks won the management contract and started work at the Civic Center, they separately reached out to the Boileau team to have us design the Holland Civic Center’s final logo. The center now stands as a functional, flexible and iconic establishment in the Holland community.

Civic Center HofC Glass Building Exterior

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