ESG Reports for Coastal Group

The Challenge

Since its inception, Coastal Group, owner of local packaging-solutions company Coastal Container and energy-management company Coastal Automotive, has found innovative solutions to reduce their environmental footprint.

While both Coastal Container and Coastal Automotive provide excellent products with the peace of mind afforded by years of sustainability experience, their processes and efforts were nuanced and relatively unknown among customers and stakeholders.

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The Solution

Through an ongoing sustainability forum, our team worked closely with executives from Coastal Group in a series of meetings to better understand their sustainability efforts.

For Container, this included paper lifecycle and how the environment was at the forefront of each step of the process. Likewise with Coastal Automotive our goal was to respond to changes in the automotive industry by closely examining emissions, and environmental impact, including those of their suppliers.

After building consensus around messaging, we crafted sustainability reports for both Coastal Container and Coastal Automotive. These booklets discussed each portion of their triple bottom line approach to sustainability, addressing in equal parts efforts to sustain their people, their planet, and their community’s prosperity.

Deliverables for Each Company

  • Sustainability Messaging
  • Digital and Printed Sustainability Reports
  • Sustainability Web Page & Blogs
  • Digital Promotion Plans

The Results

Both Coastal Container and Coastal Automotive now have a unified voice around their sustainability efforts with powerful messaging and a beautiful, fully-recyclable booklet to use in sales and marketing.

The report itself serves as a reflection of their sustainability, and we worked with our printing partners to ensure that all copies were printed to minimize environmental impact, including biodegradable inks and paper that was:

  • FSC Certified
  • Made from 100% post-consumer fiber
  • Carbon Neutral
  • Green-e Certified (made with 100% renewable energy)
  • Green-Seal Certified

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