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Creative Dining Services is a comprehensive food services partner specializing in college & university dining, corporate dining, senior living facilities and conference centers. CDS approached Boileau with a need for a website that clearly told their stories and engaged directly with their targeted industry segments.

As the sophistication of their digital marketing activities continued to increase, they also wanted a high-performance platform capable of supporting their digital advertising initiatives. The site needed to sync well with their digital advertising efforts and provide adequate data to accurately measure success.

CDS Logo with Food


We kicked off our efforts with the CDS team by inviting them to our office for a discovery session. We used our time to learn about their unique branded language, brainstorming the core aspects of their brand to develop key messages to guide all future content development. Each key message emphasized their core values, reflecting how their customers and partners view them.

We evaluated their website to identify areas not aligned with their updated brand messaging and began developing their new website. We started by updating the website’s navigation, specifically using page titles that added clarity to website visitors while maintaining the creative flair already established as part of their brand. Collaborating with their marketing team, we developed updated website content that, while fun, clearly and accurately portrayed their brand and abilities to their website visitors.

Lastly, we built out their new secure website with designs inspired by their previous website, but refined for improved content flow and user clarity.


  • Refreshed Website Design
  • Refreshed Site-wide Copywriting
  • Content Marketing Integrations
  • Digital Advertising Tracking
  • Email Marketing
  • Content Development
  • Updated sales collateral


Creative Dining Services now has a remarkably clear website that’s easy to navigate, simple to understand, functionally sound and secure. Within a few months after launching, website traffic from Google search doubled and overall website traffic increased by over ⅓. CDS continues to partner with us on content market strategy including website blogs, ongoing email marketing, digital advertising and more.

CDS Case Study Library Mockup

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