Consumer Education & Install Videos for JennAir®

The Challenge

Jennair appliances are bold and modern, attracting consumers that the brand calls “New Luxe” — 30- and 40-something self-starters who have come into a luxurious lifestyle through their entrepreneurial spirit, determined work ethic, and ability to keep pace with the contemporary world. They are smart and capable with a taste for the finer things, which they take ownership of beyond the literal purchase.

Jennair understood that their customers were far more likely to consult the internet — and not the manual — with questions about their appliances. Given that this was an ongoing pain point for Jennair, they knew they would need high quality, effective content in a timely manner. Thus began our partnership in producing a series of consumer education videos for Jennair’s YouTube channel and website. 

Our Solution

Shot in Jennair’s downtown Chicago showroom, these videos are produced with the bold visuals that Jennair’s brand demands. Covering a wide range of products and features, they give consumers tips to get the most out of their Jennair appliances, converting manual instructions into video form.

We also partnered with Jennair to produce a series of instructional installation videos to ensure that their stunning appliances are installed properly across the country, maintaining their reputation of reliability and quality.

In just one year working with Jennair, we produced:

  • 32 Consumer & App education videos
  • 12 Install videos
  • 2 Continued Education Units for designers, builders, etc.
  • Various video content for internal sales & communications — like the one below, shot at the Jennair Experience Center in Midtown Manhattan.

The Results

  • This series has accrued tens of thousands of views on Jennair’s YouTube channel and has become some of their highest viewed content.
  • Calls to Jennair’s customer service department for operation questions have dropped dramatically.