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When my kids ask me what I do

I tell them I’m a storyteller. That used to be a good enough answer until last summer. Then Abby, my oldest, pushed further.

Well, what kind of stories? How do you tell them? Can I be in one?

At the time, she was also launching a fledgling lemonade stand with a bit of a brand crisis. So, to answer these sorts of questions, we thought why not show her what we do by telling a story and helping refresh her brand in the process.

A+ Lemonade is the result. Abby liked it. We hope you do too.

~ Vince & the Boileau Team

Digital Well Being Reminder

After you watch it, consider taking a walk and grab a lemonade! Your inbox can wait!

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Vince Boileau
Vince is a strategic thinker, communicator and leader. He is passionate about helping others to tell complex stories with nuance and authenticity. Vince is dedicated to growing a company that creates meaningful change for our clients, team and the communities where we work. He earned his bachelor's in communications from Grand Valley State University in 2008, served for three years as editor and assistant director at a media production company and joined Boileau & Co. in 2012. In his free time, Vince enjoys playing and recording music, socializing over nerdy board games, watching good sci-fi, and doubling as a jungle gym for his three kids.
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