Hiring a Marketing Firm vs Hiring In

Often when companies approach us about doing work, they are going through a change or a transition. They could be under new ownership, developing a new product line, experiencing a crisis, or trying to enter a new vertical. All of these transitions require communication and can take more time than an organization has to invest in. So when is it right to hire a marketing firm or hire a marketing professional to your team?

Advantages of a Marketing Firm

Sometimes companies debate hiring internally or hiring an outside marketing firm. There isn’t a single right answer, but there are several advantages to hiring a firm.

Temporary Endeavor 

You’re not married to a firm. Although we love long-term relationships, marketing firms can come in to alleviate work during peak times and fade out as the work is complete. 

Diversity of Thought

A marketing firm consists of people with different opinions and strengths. Differences lead to success for the firm and the clients it represents. More minds make it possible to abandon bad ideas before they reach the public and collaboration is valuable to creativity. Each team member in the group can draw from their personal accomplishments and capabilities to better serve the client.

Cost Savings

Marketing firms are a cost-efficient alternative to hiring a communications employee. Finding a full-time equivalent that can compete with the collective experiences and skills of a trained team is usually not possible and would likely cost even more than outsourcing to a marketing firm. What’s more, when times get tough, it’s easier to scale back a firm than layoff a team member.

Preparing for the Future 

Marketing firms must stay up-to-date with technology and industry practices to stay competitive. Team members who specialize in different areas can keep tabs on industry changes in their lines of work and there are more eyes looking for trends and ways to modernize. 

Outsider Looking In

A communications and marketing firm can provide a fresh perspective on client challenges and provide clarity and objectivity when it’s needed the most. Businesses may struggle to make difficult decisions if they are not willing to try a new approach. A reliable firm builds a relationship with its clients and provides advice specific to each business and situation. Producing achievable and realistic solutions is only possible when this relationship exists.

When to Hire

While there are a number of reasons to look to a communications and marketing firm for help, hiring in also has benefits. Hiring in is usually a good idea if:

  • The role requires hourly decision-making or task work that can’t wait a few hours or a day for a marketing firm to turn around.
  • If you know your company needs a permanent addition working at full capacity to enable growth.
  • Your company has an established budget for adding people and can afford a competitive salary, insurance and benefits package.
  • Your company is committed to developing a new employee, mentoring them and creating a pathway for them to grow at your company.

Every business is different and must do what is best for its overall health. Sometimes hiring internally is the right choice. If reaching out to a marketing firm is the next step for your business, do your research. Pick a company that can provide the necessary tools to meet your needs!

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