ESG for Small Business

Why ESG?

Investors, regulators and society as a whole are creating pressure for increased ESG action, a rapidly growing field of EnvironmentalSocial and Governance practices for businesses. Many organizations have long-standing commitments to this field, often considered synonymous with Corporate Social Responsibility or Triple-Bottom-Line frameworks, though each differs in a unique way. While industry standards vary from specific to holistic (e.g. B Corp certifications), the complexities and need for transparency in this field are increasing every year.

Sustainability & Social Communications Services

For organizations looking to train teams in best practices, navigate new vocabulary and communicate authentically about their ESG journey, we bring a unique diversity of experience from a variety of industries to help you find the right way.

  • Sustainability Report Design & Writing
  • Social Media & Risk Avoidance Training
  • Digital Wellbeing Training
  • Diversity & Inclusion Training (through a strategic partner)

Case Study: ESG Reporting for Coastal Group

Coastal Group includes two major manufacturers, Coastal Automotive and Coastal Container.  Specializing in corrugated materials, sustainability has always been a priority of the company, but they had never told this story to their stakeholders, missing a valuable opportunity to share their values and to show customers how they are also benefiting from Coastal’s sustainable practices.

See how Boileau came alongside the team at Coastal to explore the company’s commitment to triple-bottom line sustainability practices.

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